Posted June 26, 2024

Dobradinha do Lucas literally translates to “Tripe of Lucas”. Yes, we’re coming here to eat tripe. My partner had been a frequent visitor to this restaurant during their university days, and they decided to bring me here to give this a shot. The area is a little sketchy, but we came here mid-day when there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic or people. We sat outside along in their half covered patio on plastic tables and seats.

Ambiance & Service

The ambiance reminds me of eating on plastic tables in a night market in South Korea or Taiwan. It’s a very rustic and street-like experience.

The service for us was speedy, but we were the only table there since we were eating midday. I can imagine it being slower if there were more occupied tables.

At this moment for currency, $1 USD is close to R$5.4 Brazilian Reals.


The Dobradinha (R$53) is a stew with sausage, tripe, and large white beans. I’m not a fan of beans in general, but this was very delicious. Unlike the typical Brazilian feijoada, this one had a more balanced, savory, and not overly salty flavor to it. The trip was cooked down, so it was easy to chew through it. I did not think I would like this, but I would definitely recommend ordering this.

The Feijoada (R$53) is a stew with beans and calabresa sausage. Everyone has their own family recipe, but this one is by far one of the best bean stews I’ve ever had. The consistency is less pasty and more creamy. It had some pork loin in it, so the stew had some fat to it. The stew itself had a lot of flavor in every bite with many dimensions of flavor.

The Picado (R$33) is a stew with intestines, liver, and tripe. This is definitely not for the faint of heart. By itself, it has a lot of minerality, irony, and a slight stink to it. However, if you squeeze the limes on top, it’s simply sublime. The lime really cuts through the funk, and it makes it quite delightful. My one criticism is they could offer some more cilantro on the side which would help accentuate the overall flavors positively.

Final Verdict

Dobradinha do Lucas was one of my favorite spots to eat at in Natal. They do not really do any elevation on the food, but the quality and taste of the food is superb. I haven’t had stellar Brazilian stews, and this has set a good baseline for me to compare others to. Definitely check this place out in Natal if you’re looking for a very flavorful, rustic demonstration of Brazilian stews.

Yelp Jabs

Due to an absence of Yelp reviews, we’re going to take a look at some Google reviews.

But the service is terrible and they don’t warn you that they don’t accept cards.

This Google review was posted 6 years ago, and I can confirm that they do accept credit cards in 2024.

The food is very good. But the service is terrible!

This seems to be common feedback for any negative regards. However, everyone has said the food was good.


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