Posted June 28, 2024

Nau is a nicer seafood restaurant that also has several locations in Brazil. Many families come here to celebrate weddings or other moments. This restaurant is located in an area near the technology university, and it has a parking lot. We were able to walk in with a party of 4 without reservations easily around 7 PM local time. The moment you step in, the decor felt quite interesting.

Ambiance & Service

The interior has been designed in a way where you feel like you’re on a boat. The views into the kitchen have large port holes, and there’s a lot of water elements surrounding the entire restaurant.

The service was pretty quick like most Natal restaurants.

For the currency exchange rate, it’s currently $1 USD to R$5.4 Brazilian Reals.


The Patola de Caranguejo (R$59) was crab claws served with a rustic vinaigrette and sicilian lemon mayonnaise. The crab meat was rather sparse on these crab claws, and I feel that the claws themselves were pretty small. For locals though, they love this, but I don’t think they’ve seen the larger crab claws from the east coast.

The Chapa de Lagosta, Camarão e Peixe (R$432) was lobster, dorado fish, and shrimp on a plate with olive oil, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms. The mushrooms were surprisingly very tame and not as pungent as other mushrooms in the U.S. The lobster was slightly overcooked, but the fish and shrimp were grilled perfectly. For 2 people, this is a pretty decent sized portion for food.

The Peixe Dourado (R$179) came with a dorado fish fillet topped with crab stew. It came with crab rice, potatoes, and farofa with dendê. The fish was dense and pretty good.

The Brownie (R$32) came with chestnut, cream ice cream, and syrup chocolate. This was really good and not too sweet. They put it in aluminum foil to prevent leakage of the ice cream.

Final Verdict

Nau was pretty good for what it was, and it is quite different than Camarōes. This place feels more upscale, but it also offers pretty decent seafood.

Yelp Jabs

One thing that was annoying was the family table that let their kids run all over the restaurant, screaming and bumping into servers

Most of the restaurants we went to in Natal did have kids. Some were very wild, and others not so much. It seems accepted in Natal restaurants. In addition in Nau, there’s a kids playroom as well.


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