Updated June 10, 2019, Posted February 24, 2019


Without getting too much into the history of the origins of this restaurant, the food here generally was just OK for me.

The crispy shrimp is what everyone wants to get. The shell is super crispy, crunchy, and delightfully edible. It’s comparable to the Cantonese style salted pepper shrimp with shell. However, this also has a tangy sauce on the outside of it. For me, it was a little TOO tangy, but some people at my table love it. I think I prefer more savory flavors than sweet.

The pork feet reminds me of overnight gelatin from left over beef stew. So for me, this is relatable, but also nothing special.

The spinach with sesame sauce tasted exactly what it says. Other than being extra tangy, there wasn’t much more to it.

The sea cucumber for me was surprisingly good actually. Super tender with a good texture, and the sauce was a good complement too.

The pork belly was ok for me. My parents loved it, but I guess I wasn’t too into it because it was also overly tangy. The meat itself is not as tender as American style BBQ in my opinion.

The black pepper angus beef was also super tangy, but the meat quality was considerably better than most Chinese restaurants I’ve been to.

There were some other dishes we ordered that were not photographed. We had some fried rice, and it was pretty good. The dessert which was similar to what the imperial queen supposedly ate wasn’t quite my cup of tea.

Final Verdict

Is this the best Chinese food I’ve eaten? I dont’ think it was. It definitely was slightly more elevated with more savory sweet profiles, but I think I’ve learned I’m more of a salty than sweet kind of person.