Updated April 12, 2019
This restaurant is out in the Pasadena area and is suppose to be pretty decent. After going here, I am convinced that many people just have bad taste in food. The clams were decent. Not great, but not bad. I can’t really describe this because it tastes exactly how it looks. If you think good, then it’s good. And if you think bad, then yeah it probably tasted bad.
June 27, 2014
I’m getting very full. We’re now on #25, and my ridiculous challenge is starting to take its toll. I’m starting to get a little fatter and a little less motivated. It’s getting harder to find restaurants, get people to go, and to make the trip. Alas, at least I made it to this point. This is #25 of 52 of my 2014 LA food expedition. Did I mention I really don’t think I can make it to 52?
March 26, 2014
This quaint place in downtown Culver City has a pretty good sized menu with tons of French dishes. However, this made it onto my list simply because it has 16 different types of mussel dishes along with the fact that it was AYCE (all you can eat) mussels on Tuesdays/Wednesdays. This is #12 on my 2014 LA food expedition. I was hoping to order all 16 at one time and have it served in individual portions, but the waitress informed me that they come in big bowls.
October 15, 2013
Melisse is one of those restaurants in Los Angeles that was on my must-eat list along with Urasawa and Providence. Los Angeles has relatively very few fine dining restaurants that I’ve enjoyed, so I have very high expectations for this particular occasion. I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed as I also wanted to show my mum what kind of foods I’ve been eating outside of the valley. Fox W, a well known Foodspotter, also joined me for this and provided pictures.