June 5, 2014
I have a few “safety” cards for those days I just don’t feel like making a reservation or finding a place to get fat at. I decided to use one of those safety cards tonight at a place called Phorage. This restaurant replaced Roy Choi’s Chego location in Palms and features Vietnamese food sourced with high-quality locally grown produce. This is #22 of 52 of my 2014 LA food expedition.
March 23, 2014
East Borough is a new Vietnamese spot that opened up its second location in downtown Culver City. I was expecting to order a banh mi for dinner, but surprisingly the dinner menu and the lunch menu are pretty different. The dinner tends to focus more on small plates that are shared with your table. This is #11 on my 2014 LA food expedition. Note for 2022 migration: this is an old post from my other defunct blog.
February 1, 2014
I remember Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods visiting this restaurant. And since I’m a huge fan of him and his experiences, I wanted to give this a try as well. Red Medicine from my understanding is Vietnamese-cuisine-inspired but not necessarily Vietnamese by any means. Don’t go there expecting traditional Vietnamese dishes fused with new American elements. DO go here expecting to get interesting concoctions where everything is not only pretty looking but also very edible.