May 17, 2014
This was going to be one of those weeks where it’s time to go street food. If you have ever been to New York, they have halal carts that people love to eat at after a night at the bars. This is LA’s tribute to that. This is #19 of 52 of my LA food expedition. Note for 2022 migration: this is an old post from my other defunct blog.
September 14, 2013
I haven’t had steak in a while. I heard of this place from my buddy as a place he always wanted to try since he’s a steak guy. They do their own aging process here. When you walk into the restaurant, you can see through a window slabs of meat going through the aging process. Note for 2022 migration: this is an old post from my other defunct blog. Around this time was when aged steaks started to be a huge thing in Los Angeles.
July 2, 2012
It was my cousin’s birthday, so she wanted to try this place because of all the rave Yelp reviews. Took the train to downtown LA and then hiked about a mile to this place. I hadn’t seen any of the reviews yet, but I personally take Yelp reviews like a grain of salt because from past experiences my palette seems to be very much different than the majority (or maybe it’s just that I’m picky?
April 15, 2012
I’m a huge fan of sushi, let alone uni, so I was highly recommended to go to this place near Little Tokyo for lunch a few months ago. Sushi Gen, from what I was told, is the central supplier for sushi restaurants across Los Angeles. How much truth there is to this, I don’t really care. I was told that the lunch specials and fish quality here were great for the price.