Posted June 27, 2014

I’m getting very full. We’re now on #25, and my ridiculous challenge is starting to take its toll. I’m starting to get a little fatter and a little less motivated. It’s getting harder to find restaurants, get people to go, and to make the trip. Alas, at least I made it to this point.

This is #25 of 52 of my 2014 LA food expedition.

Did I mention I really don’t think I can make it to 52?…

Note for 2022 migration: this is an old post from my other defunct blog. I remember right before this meal I was starting to get tired of eating and finding a new restaurant every week for the year. Many of the restaurants were not solo friendly, so it was a hassle to find someone to go with. Not only that, but it was getting harder and harder to find new-ish restaurants. This meal was my sign that I did a commendable journey to up my palette, and I should be fine with calling it quits after my 26th “meal”.


Republique LA opened up nearly a year ago and is located near Miracle Mile. The decor is very interesting as it reminds me of sitting in the dining halls before getting murdered (Red Massacre – Game of Thrones). Because of my appetite nearly halfway through the year being very full, I had very low expectations.


Duck Liver Mousse with pickled Asian pear. This was unbelievably good. The mousse was very soft and wet. After eating this, I very much favored this over chicken mousse any day. It smothered nicely on the toasted bread and had great flavors. It wasn’t too mineral-y, and you could easily at this like pudding. The bread was actually perfectly toasted, crispy on the outside and warm and mildly soft on the inside.

Escargots En Croute with garlic and parsley. This is like a chicken pot pie except the inside is escargot (snails) soaked in butter, garlic, and parsley. The escargot as expected was nicely cooked and tasted fresh. It wasn’t chewy at all, and the sauce was sublime especially with bread.

Liberty Duck Leg Confit with roasted brussels sprouts, bacons, and sunchokes. The duck leg confit was crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside. The garnish around wasn’t very memorable. Overall, I’d say this was just OK for me.

“Pork Belly”. I can’t find this on their website menu at the time of this writing. It was basically several thick cuts of pork belly. This was simply awesome. The belly was super thick, juicy, and nicely seared on the outside. It was also very filling. The sauce was interesting. Texturally and flavor-wise, it reminded me of eating smashed-grinded goldfish crackers. I don’t think it really added or subtracted anything from the dish, as the pork itself easily was the star. Definitely get this.

Vanilla Panna Cotta with peach. Again, this wasn’t on the website menu (maybe I should start taking pictures of the menu). I don’t remember what flavor the sorbet was (looks like peach), but those are definitely chunks of peaches. Everything was really good, especially when scooped together.

“Truffle Ice Cream on top of cherry pot pie”. Just like the panna cotta, it was not on the website menu. However this was pretty interesting. When it came, the top was entirely crusted. The waiter sets the dish down, and then breaks the top with a spoon. He then places a scoop of truffle ice cream on top. Inside this baked pie is a ton of hot cherries. I have to say this was by far one of the best desserts I’ve had from a tapas type of place in LA so far.

Final Verdict

Everything tonight was fairly surprising in terms of taste and portions. Some items were slightly pricey, but I think it’s kind of expected in this area. There were some complaints about service, but fortunately we sat at the bar. The bartender was very attentive, and so was the waiter. If you are around the greater Wilshire area towards Miracle Mile, I think Republique is definitely worth checking out especially in small parties.


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