Updated April 12, 2019, Posted February 28, 2019


This restaurant is out in the Pasadena area and is suppose to be pretty decent. After going here, I am convinced that many people just have bad taste in food.

The clams were decent. Not great, but not bad. I can’t really describe this because it tastes exactly how it looks. If you think good, then it’s good. And if you think bad, then yeah it probably tasted bad.

The catfish by far was pretty absymal. Don’t get this because it’s overrated. Most of the catfish was dry, and it’s definitely not filling by any means. The sauce was ok. House ponzu is nothing really to write home about. The funny part about this dish was that the waiter brought out sides of vegetables. We thought it was part of the dish, but apparently it wasn’t. We were charged additional for it.

The profiteroles and apple tart were already pretty average. They look like something you can buy from the local market, and they sure tasted like it too.

Be warned that if you split main dishes, you will be charged for each entree and appetizer. I didn’t realize that was a thing still. And for the loaf of bread, there’s penny pinching as well.

I do have a very big gripe here, and it’s a picky one. Many people think this place is a fine dining establishment. The plating throughout the night was like the epitome of a try-hard. Everything looked incredibly amateurish such that if you called this restaurant an elegant and fine dining, then your bar is set too low.

On the plus side, parking was pretty easy though. Plenty of parking on the street on a Thursday night outside of the restaurant.

Final Verdict

This place was the epitome of mediocre for the amount of reviews it got. I’m convinced that certain people should not be allowed to tell people how great a restaurant is due to their lack of taste.

Yelp Jabs

I entered with hesitation because I was under-dressed to a relatively fancy restaurant.

A fancy $30 restaurant? That sounds like an oxymoron. Try exploring other parts of Los Angeles please.

The restaurant is not huge, so you likely can’t get a table unless you have reservation… I would definitely recommend this place for a date. The place is magical. My food taste spectacular, savory and tantalizing. This place is Yelp worthy

We went in at 8 PM on a Thursday night, and there were plenty of seats. The pictures this Elitist took look very similar to mine. Definitely take a date to this if you want to see if they are OK with your questionable food choices.

This is an expensive fine dining restaurant on Mission Street.

Some of these people don’t know what expensive fine dining really means here.

Another delicious dineLA meal!

I generally avoid eating DineLA places. First, their choices may not be on the menu, and thus would be a poor reflection of what they have to offer. Second, if the choices were on the menu you’re probably going to get a lesser version. This means if the kitchen is hot, the source would be mass bought/settled or the cooking on it would not be as good as it should be. Third, DineLA is suppose to be meant for you to try a restaurant. In reality, it’s a game that a restaurant plays where they try to trick you into thinking their food is good but not serve it again until the next DineLA. Do you like to be deceived?