Updated February 14, 2020, Posted September 9, 2018


This place is ok for hotpot and bbq. Keep in mind this is a All You Can Eat restaurant. There are a decent amount of choices for the hot pot meats/veggies as well as the BBQ meats. Downstairs they have tables with a grill and individual hot pots. The tables are huge even though there is always a line now unless you eat off hours. For 2 people, we decided to skip waiting for our own and share a table with other people. Those other people never came, so we basically had the big table to ourselves.

We ordered the mango green tea and thai ice tea drinks. They were ok, no different than other places.

The wait staff actually grilled the bbq meats for us and served it to us. Most of it tasted alright. If you order mussels and shrimp, they actually grill them both with some type of garlic concoction on top. I thought the shrimp was pretty good. The beef and pork weren’t exactly the most tender. I think Korean BBQ still tastes better than this.

For hot pot, they have the sauce bar with all the typical hot pot ingredients. For broths, they only have 6 types. We got the tomato and the pork bone. Both were served individually which was a nice touch. For hot pot meat and vegetable ingredients, there weren’t too many choices, but they had the basic essentials including nappa cabbage, shaved beef, fish balls, and fried tofu.

The service was fast and attentive, so we definitely like that.

This restaurant definitely seems to cater big groups, particularly the NYU folks, though. They periodically bump the music, have a mascot run around, and sing a Happy Birthday song to someone. There is an enforced time limit, so that some people won’t sit there forever.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to stuff yourself from a buffet, this is a good place for that. Otherwise, there are better quality restaurants out there individually for BBQ or hotpot.

Yelp Jabs

They offer k-bbq and hot pot and you could even do both if you’re feeling hungry. It’s all-you-can-eat k-bbq for $28 which is definitely a great price for a restaurant located in St. Marks.

The quality of the meats isn’t up to par with typical Korean BBQ. So level your expectations.

It is a little awkward having a host there trying to cook the meal over you while you have conversation. So that was not the greatest.

This is probably a NYC thing. In LA, you usually have to cook it yourself. I think you can dismiss the host though and say that you will cook it yourself. They won’t have any issues with that.

Reservation is required, this location is very busy.

As usual, don’t eat with the herd, and you won’t need a reservation.