May 20, 2022
I cannot recall the last time I’ve cracked open crab shells and eaten a huge chunk of crab meat. In Los Angeles, I used to go to a lot of seafood buffets, and they would always have a plethora of snow crab legs that you could eat for hours on end. We decided today to venture out to this all you can eat seafood buffet in the city. We were able to walk in with no reservations for 2 around 5:30 PM on a Friday.
October 9, 2021
All you can eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ places are pretty sparse the closer you get to Manhattan. If you did find one, the quality is kind of questionable compared to the a’la carte places. We discovered this restaurant a few months back when we went to the Popeyes next door. It hadn’t opened yet, but there seems to be a few restaurants next to it that are opening in the very near future.
Updated February 14, 2020
This place is ok for hotpot and bbq. Keep in mind this is a All You Can Eat restaurant. There are a decent amount of choices for the hot pot meats/veggies as well as the BBQ meats. Downstairs they have tables with a grill and individual hot pots. The tables are huge even though there is always a line now unless you eat off hours. For 2 people, we decided to skip waiting for our own and share a table with other people.
February 2, 2020
It seems when it comes to hot pot, East Village is a thriving destination. Usually people try to go to 99 Favor Taste because it also has grillable BBQ meats in addition to hot pots. When people don’t have reservations and are quoted a 2 hour wait time, the next logical option is to look for another hot pot place which just happens to be this place since it’s a few streets down.