November 19, 2021
This area of Astoria is not in the heart where Ditmars and Broadway are, but rather on the cusp. There are a lot of different restaurants around that are not overly busy, so it’s easy to get a seat on most nights. We decided to stop by this new-ish BBQ restaurant on our way to the market. Pig Beach actually has alternative locations in Miami and in Brooklyn, and it has its own unique BBQ zest to its mix.
Updated March 17, 2019
Been here a few times already now. It’s always a trek to get here. It’s about a mile away from the Smith G stop subway station. If you go walking at night, it’s a little sketchy at times. The wait for the food on a prime time Saturday night can be up to an hour if the line starts near the band. If you want to avoid the line, come here circle 11 AM on a Sunday.
Updated February 18, 2019
I heard good raves about Dino BBQ from other people. The pickling of the salad is pretty good in general. In the trio of meat, you will find pork belly, chicken, and brisket. The brisket to me was just ok. I think Hometown was much better. The pork belly was also ok. Surprisingly, I liked the chicken the best. It was tender and full of flavor and not overcooked. The collard greens were not memorable and neither was the cornbread.
Updated January 20, 2019
This place was surprisingly good. The pork belly was really tasty with the fried skin and chicharron on top. The beef rib is a must get. Pork ribs are a pass due to them being dry. The ambience has a noir feel. I just looked at the current menu, and I don’t see the pork belly appetizer anymore. Also, I’m not sure what dessert we got, but it was tasty as well.
September 9, 2018
For whatever reason, the brisket was dry even though it’s recommended by Yelpers. The pastrami was also dry and overly salty. Generally the BBQ was bad. Maybe it was just this one time, not sure.