May 8, 2022
Having been to Sweet Chick before in North Williamsburg, I vaguely remember this place having pretty good crust. I often get Pies N Thighs confused with this. In Williamsburg, there’s always a line outside, so when we walked by here with no line, we decided on a spur of the moment to try this out. When you sit at a table, there is a QR code that you can scan and even place your order.
July 3, 2019
The Blue Ribbon chain is known for their seafood and sushi. So it was interesting to see them coming out with the fried chicken venture. This has been around for a while, and for the last few years, friends have raved about it. We got the 4 piece mixed with fries basket. The chicken itself is pretty tender and juicy. The skin is lightly crisped and doesn’t have the batter thickness that something like KFC or Popeyes has.
Updated March 30, 2019
I’ve been here numerous times to both the East Village and Manhattan locations, and they have consistently delivered pretty well within expectations. The fried chicken sandwich is delectable. It was really good and pretty spicy with the right kick. The Le Big Matt is like pretty big too. The cheese is super melty which makes it a little messy but pretty delicious. The Roni Supreme is by far my favorite.
Updated January 1, 2019
The clams were OK. The Nola clams were better than the casino. The casino was so oversalted by the bacon such that you couldn’t taste the clams at all. The shrimp beignets were forgotten. The most memorable items were the crawfish dip and the cornbread. The crawfish dip was really good and had a lot of flavor to it. The cornbread was super buttery and was nice as well.
September 16, 2018
A few doors down from the Ssam bar, this place is pretty good. $12 for a combo which was basically drink, fries, and the sandwich. The Momofuku red sauce is always good. Unfortunately this is CLOSED.