December 26, 2019
French dips, let alone good ones, are pretty nonexistent in NYC. I’ve had a good one up in Upper West Side at Jacob’s Pickles, but other that I usually get my cravings by making my own. We just got out of watching the movie theater, and we were reasonably close to this new location. The chef used to work as an executive chef at 4 Charles Prime Rib in the East Village, and they picked a fantastic location on St.
August 4, 2019
This place is near Stone Street down in the Financial District. I’m always down for a good cheesesteak, and yeah I also butcher the Philly style by ordering provolone over cheeze whiz. The steak special comes with homemade broccoli rabe, provolone cheese, and I also added hot cherry peppers. These are the cherry peppers that are pickled with a nice kick to it. I thought this sandwich was pretty good, though I still prefer Federoff’s in Williamsburg.
April 28, 2012
Here in Los Angeles, we have a ton of pastrami places. My favorite meat is in fact pastrami. Not only do I enjoy the saltiness flavor in the cured meat, but I also enjoy how tender the meat is. I’ve been to Johnny’s in Culver City, Canter’s Deli near West Hollywood, Jerry’s Famous Deli, Langer’s in Los Angeles, etc. Compared to all those places, I very much prefer Kat’z Deli. The meat is chunky, soft, and super flavorful.