November 2, 2019
We were around Central Park near the southern side, and this was on my list of restaurants to try. This new-ish Chinese (Shanghainese) restaurant is located where Joe’s Shanghai used to be in Midtown. It’s not too far from the Apple flagship store. The stir fry snow pea leaf was mighty tasty. You can taste the subtleness of that wine, and the vegetable itself was tender and delicious. The yang chow fried rice was very uplifting and fresh too.
September 6, 2019
This little spot closed to the edge of Flatiron is a decent place if you’re into Shanghainese food and are not close to Chinatown. The passion fruit lemonade was good. You can taste the passion fruit, and it mixed well with the lemonade. The chilled marinated cucumbers were also good too although I felt the cucumbers were not marinated long enough. They were crunchy with an OK kick to them.