Posted May 15, 2024

We’ve walked past this restaurant several times eating at various restaurants prior to watching a theater show. Tonight, we had to eat something before our 7 PM show. We made a reservation for this restaurant for 5 PM without any trouble. When you walk in, it seemed like a very bustling restaurant. Looking at the menu prior, I didn’t find it all that interesting, but we thought this was a good day to try it since we had to eat fast.

Ambiance & Service

The ceilings were very tall, and the sound was very bustling. It felt like most of the diners were here to see shows or were tourists. When you tell the server that you had a show, they expedite all the dishes, and it does come out timely.

They offer a 3-course theater menu, which costs $48. It is available from 4 PM to close everyday. As a bonus, they also give you either coffee or tea at the end. The coffee though was very roasted and watery.


The complimentary bread came with butter. It was surprisingly one of the better things tonight.

The Albarino, Etiqueta Verde ($16) came from Granbazan, Rias Baixas, Spain 2022. This was dry, light, with a slight noticeable acidity. It was decent, though I felt they didn’t pour enough.

The Pate de Campagna au Cognac came with country pate with chicken liver, pork, duck, cognac, and pistachios. They provide some dijon mustard on the side. The pate was surprisingly decent.

The Salad Marichere came with mixed green salad and house vinaigrette. There was not much to talk about.

The Poulet Cordon Bleu came with breast of chicken stuffed with ham and swiss cheese with a creamy mustard sauce. This wasn’t good at all. The mustard sauce tasted very processed, and the chicken tasted like it sat under a heat lamp in a buffet.

The Saumon Grille came with grilled salmon and served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The grilled salmon was unevenly overcooked, and it was tolerable. Everything else was very unmemorable.

The New York cheese cake came drizzled with raspberry coulis. This cheese cake tasted like it came from a market. We didn’t finish this dessert.

The Mousse au Chocolate came with fruit on top. The mousse also tasted very artificial, and we didn’t finish this either.

Final Verdict

If you really desire French food within a few steps of a showing, you can check out Cafe Un Deux Trois. Otherwise, we would recommend avoiding this restaurant if possible since the food was quite a disappointment by NYC standards.

Yelp Jabs

Classic French Cooking. The chef is excellent. The taste and quality is ideal. It is a typical way of being in France once more.

This Elitist lives in New Jersey and claims they have been visiting this place for over 40 years. If this is ideal for taste and quality, this Elitist exemplifies a pit of low standards.

ordered the salad, salmon and NY cheesecake. Everything was delicious and the service excellent. Highly recommend if you are in the theater district.

If you click on the “theater district” filter, you can find a numerous amount of restaurants as decent and better alternatives to this restaurant. The food here was not good.


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