Posted May 8, 2022

Having been to Sweet Chick before in North Williamsburg, I vaguely remember this place having pretty good crust. I often get Pies N Thighs confused with this. In Williamsburg, there’s always a line outside, so when we walked by here with no line, we decided on a spur of the moment to try this out. When you sit at a table, there is a QR code that you can scan and even place your order.


The interior is pretty cool. They played a lot of old school hip hop, and there’s vinyl decorations behind the bar. At our table, we had utensils grouped into little paper bags and maple syrup.

The wait staff is pretty efficient if you desire less interaction or minimal table service. You can place your order entirely through the QR code via Toast, and the wait staff will know where to deliver your items. This also means you can leave whenever you want, not needing to ask for the bill or anything. They have self-serve water out of a cooler as well. However if you desire the typical table service, that’s also an option too.

The food came out pretty quick… probably within 15 minutes of ordering.


The Arnold Palmer ($6 - left) tastes like sweet tea, but not as sweet. It was still a bit too sweet for me compared to the orange juice below.

The Orange Juice ($6 - right) had some pulp in it and tasted like a Tropicana.

The Nashville Chicken Tenders and Waffle ($16) came with 4 spicy boneless chicken tenders paired with a full waffle and served with signature butters on the side. The tenders came out piping hot, and the batter was super crispy and delicious. The waffle was also very good as well. Both of the butters were good. One reminded me of a raspberry or strawberry butter, and the other reminded me of lemon butter. The Nashville seasoning caught me off guard in that it was quite spicy at first, but as the temperature of the chicken fell closer to room temperature, the spicy heat was easily tolerable. The full waffle was dense but fluffy, and it tasted great when you bundle it with the maple syrup and flavored butter. Portion wise, it was just the right amount.

The 3pc bucket ($16) came with three pieces of bone-in fried chicken with a biscuit and a side of potato salad. My partner got this and loved it. They also liked the potato salad as well. The batter on the chicken was quite delicious. It was thick, crispy, and had a very nice balance of seasoning (i.e. not overly salty). It reminded me of a good alternative to Popeye’s batter, but a bit more “homemade”.

Final Verdict

Sweet Chick is a cool fried chicken place that is worth going if you want a quick and not too expensive Southern style dinner. The fried chicken and waffles are really good.

Yelp Jabs

My $60 delivery order arrived and the delivery guy said my food fell through the bag and he had to pick it up off the street and wrap in another bag. I have no idea where he found this extra bag but there was hair on the boxes. Disgusting. Don’t be cheap and pack the delivery bags right. Second time I had a horrible experience with this place. Don’t order.

It’s near pointless to review a restaurant’s delivery order, especially after it has left the kitchen and restaurant. The delivery guy can say all sorts of things, but no one really knows what happened except for them.

Waffles are too dense and dry. We couldn’t finish it even with maple syrup. So Disgusting. The Nashville chicken was juicy and good but the servings were so small for a 20$ meal.

I found the waffles to be pretty good in the restaurant. They are definitely thick, but they are fluffy. The one issue this Yelper has is that they ordered this either as takeout or delivery. Of course after it sits in the box back to their place, it’s going to get dry and taste different. Lesson here is to just toss these reviews in the trash because it’s not an accurate representation of what you’re getting at the restaurant. I never review food that I don’t eat at the restaurant because you’re not eating it fresh right there and then.


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