Updated December 30, 2022, Posted October 17, 2018

I remember visiting Yoon Haeundae Galbi a while back when they first opened. Galbi is basically beef short ribs, and normally in the U.S., these short ribs are rather small. I haven’t found any place in NYC that uses a large rib similar to the ones I had in Suwon, South Korea. When they take the meat off the rib, they also cook the tendons very thoroughly on the grill and it becomes crispy and edible. I’ve been to this restaurant enough times such that I always end up recommending it as a positive alternative to other KBBQ spots.

Ambiance & Service

The ambiance inside is dark with an upstairs and floor level section. When I first ate here, I ate on the first floor, and it was bustling but fortunately the noise level was not uncomfortable. Upstairs also has a similar feel.

The decor is very modern. It has a lot of pine colored accents, which makes it feel a bit more upscale than other KBBQ spots.

The service is right on point too.


The food was actually surprisingly good such that I have become a repeat customer. The meat quality really stands out comparatively in my opinion.

I would come back here again for Korean. The galbi was pretty tasty, and I think the price wasn’t too expensive I think. The meat quality is good. I’ve been back here twice already as I enjoyed this more than the other Ktown BBQ joints.

Added December 30, 2022

The Marinated Short Rib ($34) was served only during weekday lunch and came with kimchi stew, some sides, and multigrain rice. The short rib came pre-cooked out of the kitchen, and it was very tender. I think I would have preferred to cook it on the grill to a char, but that’s fine. The kimchi stew was pretty good too. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it definitely had noticeable pepper flavors and fermentation going on. The multigrain rice was gooey and soft. If you dip the rice into the stew, it tasted great. Overall, this was pretty good, and I’d get this again for lunch.

Final Verdict

I keep recommending this place over other KBBQ places not only because there is less wait but because the food quality is superb.

Yelp Jabs

It was Over powered by the spicy level that I couldn’t even taste if the seafood was fresh! Don’t level the “one chili pepper on the menu” spice level fool you.

My partner got the seafood tofu stew, and they were also surprised by the heat. I tried it, and I thought it was fine. Basically all this means is this Elitist’s spice ceiling is pretty low on the totem pole.

Further, I think the set meals would benefit from a fruit course at the very end. Some complimentary tea would also be a nice touch.

I think this Yelper has a “set meal” confused with a prix fixe meal. The set comes with specific items all at once. It’s not really a course by course ordeal. Of all the KBBQ places I’ve been to in the city, only the most expensive one served some type of tea, and it really was mediocre at best.


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