December 5, 2021
Flushing is the NYC mecca for Chinese food. It’s at the end of the 7 train line heading east, and it takes about 40 minutes from Manhattan on weekends. Many restaurants and stalls only accept cash, so it’s quite different than being in Manhattan or Long Island City. My partner had a friend that wanted to meet in Flushing to try out Korean BBQ. I thought there would be several near Main Street, but it seems all the decent Korean BBQ places are least a mile east of the Main street subway station.
Updated February 17, 2019
It’s a bit of a trek, but it’s a much cheaper place for Peking Duck. The whole peking duck was actually pretty good and reasonably price. The skin was a nice crisp, and the duck was pleasantly fat. The fried shrimp was mistakenly ordered. We thought it was going to be the whole pepper salted shrimp with head. Even then, it was also decent. The other dishes, pea sprouts and yang chow fried rice, were not much different than other Chinese places.