February 23, 2019
This is Paulie Gee’s sliced pizza. You can order a whole pie if you want. All in all though, I think Vinnie’s in Brooklyn is better. The pepperoni pizza was good but not great for slice. If you come here expecting a similar crust to what the original Paulie Gee’s serves, prepare to be disappointed. The crust is not that great compared to a lot of NYC sliced pizza places.
February 17, 2019
Came here around 5:30 PM on a Saturday, and the wait was quoted 60 minutes. In reality, it was just 45 minutes, so it wasn’t too bad. The pizza itself is similar to Roberta’s. The pizza dough is pretty fluffy, and it tastes pretty good. The Benny Gee had much better taste than Ricotta Be Kiddin Me. The ricotta pizza was more salty, but the Benny Gee definitely had a better well rounded profile.
Updated January 1, 2019
This apparently received a coveted 1 Michelin Star at this time of writing. Went here for brunch, and I’d love to go back to try the dinner. Just like Casa Enrique, I find it pretty good but pricey for what you get. The horchata was tasty, but does not beat those horchata machines back in LA. Also, it was loaded with ice, so the amount of liquid you get is pretty small for $6.
November 11, 2018
The pho was ok, and so was the dried vermicelli. It’s a bit expensive for what you get, but also not bad. I probably would still prefer to go to other Vietnamese places, though good Vietnamese places are hard to find in Manhattan. The decor is nice, but food wise - if anyone likes this place, I don’t trust their palette.