February 17, 2024
Frevo was a restaurant that has been on my partner’s list for some time. When we went to Atomix Bar, the chef had also highly recommended the restaurant. The head chef Franco Sampogna is Brazilian and comes from the region that my partner is from. The entrance to the restaurant has a very tiny art gallery, and it’s been recognized on the Michelin Guide with 1 star. We were able to reserve this a few weeks back without any issues.
July 21, 2023
We’ve recently been on a Thai binge trying different regional Thai foods ranging from southern to northern. I’m finding that northern Thai food tends to be a bit too spicy and too sweet for me, although the tastes are sure to accentuate those who need such bold flavors. This restaurant has recently been acknowledged by Michelin guide and is located near NYU around Union Square. We were able to walk in without reservations at around 5 PM on a Friday night, though they said our meal was limited to 90 minutes.
February 17, 2023
Olio e Più is a trattoria & enoteca restaurant run by the same group that manages Boucherie. It’s close to the West 4th station in the Village, and it usually has a very lively crowd as it gets toward evening hours. Before the pandemic, the restaurant table space was quite small and tight. Since, they’ve expanded structurally a patio that extends out of the main building, as well as little sidewalk area that is enclosed.
June 4, 2022
Having been on a Sopranos binge, the first thought that came to mind was just simply pasta. We were in the Flatiron area and decided to walk down to 13th to check out this Italian restaurant because the menu looked simple and straight forward. We arrived at 5:30 PM on a Saturday evening as a party of 2, and they accommodated us in the back of the restaurant without reservations.
July 12, 2020
This is the first outdoor restaurant experience in the COVID-19 temperament where we had waiter service. We were walking around looking for something to eat with a friend, and this was nestled in a small street with a group of restaurants. It had space and tents set up to span all of their tables. I won’t talk much about the ambiance at this particular restaurant because I loathe eating outdoors in humid NYC heat in the city.
August 23, 2019
Close to NYU, this is next door to its parent restaurant Domodomo. This is primarily a rawbar, meaning somewhat affordable raw seafood. The iced green tea is nice for a warm day. The green tea is quite flavorful, but of course if you want it to be sweeter, you can ask for sugar. We ordered a dozen oysters. Essentially 2 of the following: Half Moon (Cape Cod Bay, MA) : sweet, medium salnity, clean finish Wellfleet (Wellfleet Harbor, MA) : briny, creamy, high salinity Savage Harbour (PEI, Canada) : crisp, sweet, medium salinity Chekbooktook (New Brunswick) : buttery, sweet, delicate Duxbury (Duxbury Bay, MA) : briny, sweet, and buttery finish the daily oysters : can’t remember what the waiter said about these other than being the saltiest of the east coast They serve oysters with your choice of 2 condiments: cocktail sauce, mignonette, wasabi lime sorbet, thai chili, and ponzu.
Updated April 21, 2019
The cookie dough here is pretty sweet. Tried multiple flavors, but all of them are all pretty sweet. I also used some of the batter and baked some cookies. They turned out ok, though no different than if you to were make regular cookies. One scoop by the way makes about 5 ok sized cookies. Honestly, I thought the one of the better things to get was not the dough itself, but the ice cream sandwich.
Updated April 21, 2019
This place has a nice patio and great service. The waitress was very attentive, and the ambiance is definitely very easy-going. But let’s talk about the food. The mama margarita I didn’t quite like. It was rather strong and for whatever reason the fruits did not complement well. The pasionfruit caipirinha was not bad, but it wasn’t great. I’ve definitely had better elsewhere in the city. I did think that the drink was made a little strong to my liking.
Updated April 19, 2019
Vegetarian really is not my thing, but I wanted to try this out anyways with my vegetarian buddy. Thankfully, they had fish for protein. The chips and guacamole were ok. Nothing memorable about it. The buffalo strips were actually decent. It certainly doesn’t taste anywhere close to chicken, but they have an interesting spongy texture and were pretty good. The broiled flounder was slightly fishy at some parts but decent in others.