September 10, 2023
Woodside in Queens is an area that has a plethora of Asian eats that are uncommon in Manhattan. Many of these things here are inexpensive compared to Manhattan, and they have particular flavors that probably won’t appeal to the masses in Manhattan. We were around this area on an errand run, so it was convenient for me to look for something here on a Sunday. We were able to walk in around 12 PM without any wait whatsoever.
June 26, 2022
The summer heat is starting to come to NYC, and it makes everyone including me feel especially groggy. This was also a lazy weekend since we’re mentally preparing for the humidity to rapidly increase. Fortunately on this day, it was not too bad. Instead of ordering for delivery, my partner wanted to travel to eat Thai somewhere. We centered on the Woodside area since we had visited before at Thailand’s Center Point.
March 27, 2022
We were on our way to get some delicious Popeyes chicken on the 7 train, and little and behold, the 7 trains were running express from Queensboro towards Flushing and were running local heading towards Manhattan. Normally the 7 runs local both ways, but they were doing track work, and it wasn’t quite clear. The next stop after Queensboro was 61st Woodside, which basically skipped our desired stop by 3 stops.
July 30, 2021
On a hot day, my partner wanted to eat at a Brazilian restaurant pretty far from where we live. I ended up walking 2 miles for this Brazilian restaurant. At first, I thought it was supposed to be an expansion of a Rice and Beans place in the city, but I learned this was entirely different. The first thought that came in my head when I sat down was that this restaurant definitely is more of a typical locals stop with no frills fair priced Brazilian dishes.