Posted December 9, 2022

We were in the SOHO area doing a quick errand run. Because it was so cold, we decided to eat near the Prince Street subway station. We ended up at The Mercer Kitchen because they had walk-in seating, and it seemed interesting. We were seated in an intimate table right next to the bottom floor’s receptionist. We learned later that this is one of Jean George’s restaurants, and it’s scheduled to close at end of month permanently.


When you walk in, the top floor has a modern hotel like ambiance where you have many small tables that seemed to be suited for cocktails and snacks. There are stairs that lead to the bottom dining area which is very bustling. The host indicated that they had no tables in the bustling areas, but they did have this secluded table right next to the bottom floor’s receptionist area.

This table is very dark, and it’s only source of light is literally 1 small candle. We noticed there were several communal tables that were lit well, and reading online, this restaurant was one of the early adopters of that concept.

The service itself was mediocre at its finest. Our waiter was not very attentive despite him walking past our table several times. We had empty water cups, and the initial order took a lengthy amount of time. I wonder if it’s because it was dark because we had to flag him down multiple times. Fortunately, we can ignore the mediocre service and focus on the food.


The complimentary bread came with 4 pieces at fairly cold temperatures with olive oil.

The Raspberry Lychee Bellini ($20) came with lamberti prosecco, raspberry, and lychee. This tasted basically like prosecco with some fruit flavors. For the price, it was not a good value.

The Black Sea Bass Carpaccio ($32) came with lemon catsup and fresh rosemary breadsticks. The carpaccio was decent albeit my partner really enjoyed it. The best part of this dish was probably the warm rosemary breadsticks. It had a nice chew on it, and I could imagine the pizza options would probably also use this bread.

The Mercer Burger ($29) came with grass fed meat, pepper jack, avocado, crispy red onions, Russian dressing, a pretzel bun, and french fries. This was a no frills typical good quality burger, but it definitely did not warrant the price. The french fries though were very salty.

The Herb Roasted Chicken ($39) came with French beans, baby carrots, and mashed potatoes. The chicken was tender but also over seasoned and salty. My partner enjoyed this, but they typically favor more salty seasoning than me.

Final Verdict

The food here is fairly mediocre at best, and there is nothing here that is done better than other restaurants in the city. The value it offers is low. If you’re doing SOHO shopping in the area, it’s a decent option to consider. Definitely don’t consider this restaurant as a must-go despite it being a Jean George casual restaurant. There is nothing stellar here unless you haven’t really dined in NYC. I guess it won’t matter much since this restaurant is closing in a few weeks.

Yelp Jabs

Update : this place only getting better. Was pretty busy sat night… Great food. Sashimi just to die for. Tuna pizza great. I would ask for less carrots and extra tuna. Mac and cheese so scrumptious. Sadly they ll he closed after December. So give it a try. Before it’s the end.

If it took 10 years to get better, then that seems too late. It’s ok if you don’t try this place out, it’s not worth the effort.

The whole vibe is chic. not in a fussy way, or some euro-trash designed crap … lots of locals go there….the kind that you would see Samantha …you know…, or carrie dating. lots of people will talk about the food. I am a huge fan of the vibe. it rocks.

The vibe could appeal to socialites and pretentious crowds. The food though is not really worth the visit. If your jam is for the crowd and vibe and not the food, definitely feel free to waste your money here.


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