Posted April 27, 2022

This ramen place is pretty close to where I work. It’s located on 48th and 6th ave and is very close to Rockafeller. There is no way you would know of this restaurant unless you were either intentionally looking for it, or if you saw the ground floor sign that indicated this was upstairs. I had some time during my lunch, and decided to take a quick spin to see how this was compared to other ramen spots.


The upstairs area is pretty interesting. The tables are fairly close together, although they are all small and compact for a good social setting.

The service was very fast during lunch. Once we ordered, the food came out in less than 5 minutes.


The miso ramen ($17) came with a savory white miso pork-based broth with pork belly, cabbage, corn, egg, and scallions. This was OK. It certainly wasn’t the worst I’ve had. The pork belly was a bit dry and overcooked. The white miso had some interesting flavors, albeit a little watery.

Final Verdict

Yama Ramen is not the greatest ramen restaurant in the Midtown area. There are several other options nearby. However, one thing they accelerate is they deliver lunch pretty fast. If you are craving for ramen and want quick service, then this could be a decent option.

Yelp Jabs

They are NOT Japanese Restaurant!!! Yes, there are many of those, but I never tasted Coriander leaf in the Chirashi-sushi… that made me think what they were thinking…

This Yelper is pretty funny. They knocked their review down to 1 star because of an ingredient that isn’t classically Japanese. I suppose the Yelper never thought of Japanese inspired.

Amazing food and hospitality! I love their chicken katsu curry and their ramen noodles. So tasty and authentic. And so well priced for the quality of the place!

I’m waiting to read a “amazing food and hospitality” review for the Cheesecake Factory.