Posted June 26, 2022

The summer heat is starting to come to NYC, and it makes everyone including me feel especially groggy. This was also a lazy weekend since we’re mentally preparing for the humidity to rapidly increase. Fortunately on this day, it was not too bad. Instead of ordering for delivery, my partner wanted to travel to eat Thai somewhere. We centered on the Woodside area since we had visited before at Thailand’s Center Point. This Thai restaurant is not too far away, just 1 stop earlier on the 7 train heading towards Flushing.


This is one of those Thai places with not much decorations. It was definitely a mom/pop kind of place with a few temple posters. Inside, there were only 2 tables: 1 fitting 4 people and 1 fitting 2 people. Outside, they had a wooden structure set up to accommodate larger parties. My gut says this place probably does a lot of takeout and deliveries.


The Coconut Juice ($2.75 - left) and Thai Ice Tea ($3.85 - right) tasted as expected. Both are prepared similarly to other mom/pop Thai places.

The Thai Chicken Wings (6 pcs) ($8.80) came marinated and crispy with a sweet chili sauce. The sauce reminded me of duck sauce mixed with red chili sauce you find in markets. The chicken wing batter had a nice crisp to it and made me feel like this place should offer more foods fried with this batter. The chicken pieces were all juicy and fried perfectly.

My partner got the Massamun Curry ($12.10) which came with coconut milk, onion, potato, and peanut for a rich creamy taste. The curry was definitely on the sweeter side for me, but it fits my partner’s palette well. They do give a lot of portions, so my partner had to take half of it home. They are also very liberal with the chicken pieces which is nice.

I got the Spicy Noodle Soup (Tom Yum Soup) ($12.10) which came with ground peanut, bean sprout, scallion, and cilantro with flat wide rice noodles. These noodles were similar to the ones served in pad see ew. The broth was pretty good in that it had that slightly sour lemon grass aftertaste with a medley of various herbs. The noodles were a decent vessel for the soup, though I would’ve preferred the traditional flat rice noodles that are more uniform in width than this one. Nevertheless, I did enjoy this down to the bottom. The soup had the right amount of heat as well.

Final Verdict

Khun Noo is not a super awesome Thai place that you have to venture far to get to. It is, on the other hand, an excellent Thai place alternative if you are in the area. The price is inexpensive, and the food quality is en par to other mom/pop Thai places around the city.

Yelp Jabs

Ordered delivery on Uber eats as Uber recommended it as one of the best Thai places… Overall I would not recommend this Thai place if you’re looking for good Thai food.

This Yelper should change their review to only apply for delivery. When we ate at the restaurant, everything was very fresh and good. To review deliveries is just a waste of text.

Both were terrible and don’t recommend. The chicken wings was all fried and no meat…and bad meat.

The wings were similar in size to chicken winglets. I’m not sure where this Yelper got bad meat from, but it definitely had the appropriate amount of meat as you would expect on a winglet. I can see how the Yelper was surprised by the fact that the wing was fried.


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