Posted April 10, 2022

Lately, we’ve been looking for budget type of restaurants outside of the main areas of Manhattan. This restaurant came at a suggestion from my partner’s friend. It’s located pretty close to us on Broadway in Astoria and fairly close to the N subway. It really is a no frills restaurant with a lot of local take out and dine-in traffic. We arrived here around 5 PM on a Sunday evening, and finding a seat for 2 people was pretty straight forward.


When you arrive in, you order at the front. They do accept credit cards, and after you place your order and tell them you are dining in, they do deliver your food to your table. The decor is barren with nothing special, so it’s really a restaurant for people who want to get some good eats.


The Colombian La Nuestra kola ($1.70?) reminded me of a cream soda with some hints of artificial Mountain Dew-ish in it. It’s pretty good and also not too sweet like some other South American colas.

The 3 piece spare ribs, 1/4 chicken ($17.18?) came with roasted pork fried rice and a side salad. The side salad had a little drizzle of a thousand island like dressing. The roasted pork fried rice tasted very good, especially with some of the aji sauce on top. The spare ribs are delectable. They were literally fall-off-the-bone with a mild sweet flavor that you might find familiar at some cheaper Chinese restaurants. The chicken itself was really moist and tender. It wasn’t salty at all, and the skin had a ton a great balance of seasoning. All in all, I’d highly recommend getting the ribs if you’re interested. It reminded me a little of pressure cooked spare ribs which end up being finished in the oven or the grill.

The 1/2 chicken ($11.25?) came with white rice and a side salad. Just like the spare ribs combo above, the chicken here was also very moist and delicious.

Final Verdict

Caravan Chicken is a great deal for dinner. It’s definitely satisfying for the price and the quantity. If you’re in the Astoria area and are looking for a quick, delicious, no-frills chicken meal, check this place out.

Yelp Jabs

Cash only fyi. I recommend calling in since they typically take like 20 minutes to have your food ready. But you won’t be disappointed!

This Yelper’s post in December 2020 could be out of date. Perhaps they charge you for credit card transactions, but as of this post, they did take my credit card.

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