Posted November 10, 2023

My partner was able to secure another show lottery near Times Square. Because I work near here and the fact that they have been able to win so many lottery shows, we’re running out of choices for restaurants. We were walking along 44th, and we stumbled onto this restaurant. After looking at the menu and the ability to walk in without reservations, we decided to try out this restaurant, Hunt & Fish Club. We were able to walk in at around 5:30 PM on a Friday without reservations easily.

Ambiance & Service

The service was very attentive and good. We told the waiter we had a show at 8 PM, and he made sure to get everything done with plenty of time to spare. They kept our waters filled without asking, and the ambiance felt very open and relaxed. It seemed a lot of clientele were just looking to spend time because they had theater reservations.


The Liberty Tea ($20 - left) came with Community Spirit Vodka, peach, lemon, house-made cranberry syrup, and iced tea. My partner liked all the ingredients, but it wasn’t as sweet as they preferred.

The Zinfandel Blend ($20 - right) was from Angels & Cowboys, Sonoma County, California. This zinfandel had minerals and was fairly smooth.

They gave us complimentary rosemary bread with herb butter. The bread was warm, fluffy, airy, with parmesan top. It was quite delicious.

The Jumbo Lump Crab Cake ($28) came with apple slaw and remoulade. The cole slaw was pretty good. The crab cake was dense with a decent amount of minced crab meat. My partner actually enjoyed this, which has been rare.

The Veal Rib Chop ($60) came medium with a side of “A2” sauce. The veal was fairly tender and great quality. I thought the seasoning was a little salty, but it was good without needing to dip into the A2 sauce. The rib itself was not as tender as I’d like, so it was a bit difficult to thoroughly clean the rib.

The Seared Scallops ($47) came with pea purée, grilled corn, bacon, potato, English peas, cippolini, and roasted garlic. The scallops were cooked perfectly, and surprisingly, my partner had to take 2 pieces home because they were full. The sauce medley that the scallops sat in was pretty good.

The Crispy Lemon Potatoes ($15) came with potatoes galore, and it was crispy but not super crispy. The lemon flavoring was pretty good.

They gave us complimentary grilled asparagus which was fresh and pretty good.

Final Verdict

Surprisingly Hunt & Fish Club was actually quite decent compared to other steak houses around the area. The food is a little cheaper than others, and it was easy to walk in without reservations. If you desire to eat something steak centric, this restaurant is pretty decent near the theaters.

Yelp Jabs

Participated in Restaurant Week menu so we had the tuna and stuffed mushrooms, beef tornadoes and salmon, and the blueberry shortcake.

The restaurant is pretty decent outside of Restaurant Week. But yes, if you have a show to catch, this restaurant respects the show’s time.

I got the “Liberty Tea” which was so amazing it made me feel like I was on a beach enjoying summer. This drink mentally transported me to tropical paradise where I never wanted to leave.

This Elitist was trying hard to bring up their personal experiences. My partner thought the drink was good, but no where near what this Elitist was describing.


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