Posted April 17, 2022

This Peruvian restaurant was also on my partner’s list of cheap eats to try. The menu was quite similar to the prior Peruvian restaurant, Caravan Chicken we went to a few weeks ago. It’s conveniently located off the Ditmars N/W train on Ditmars itself. We arrived here at 7 PM, and there was no line nor patrons inside. We were not sure what to make of this considering how much we enjoyed the last restaurant.


This was very much a no frills restaurant that also took credit cards. The menu above the grill was written in Spanish and was a little difficult to read, but they had translated paper menus on the side.

You basically order at the front and let them know you will dine in. They will bring the food to you when it’s ready.


The Lomo Saltado (~$12) came with beef, onions, tomatoes, and french fries. The portion size was very generous. However, the steak quality itself was overcooked and not the best. The sauce was not as flavorful as other Peruvian restaurants we’ve been to.

The 2 ribs, 1/4 chicken (~$16) came with 2 pieces of spare ribs on top of roast pork fried rice. The ribs themselves were very dry and not tender at all. The glaze on the ribs was a little on the salty side for me. The chicken was also very dry, and unfortunately, the meat was very salty. Luckily, the aji sauce was able to hide the saltiness of the meat. The roast pork fried rice was just OK.

Final Verdict

Overall, this restaurant was not great compared to Caravan Chicken. However, I wonder if we went on an off day or if the food was just not a great batch. Regardless, I think it’s best to check out the other place instead of this if you had a choice.

Yelp Jabs

Found a COCKROACH in my plate. Absolutely disgusting and unsanitary. Never coming back.

This place is a little grimy, so be prepared for that.

The chicken can be salty sometimes but overall the flavor is always good.

The flavor of the skin is very similar to other Peruvian style rotisserie chicken, but the meat was just unnecessarily salty. If you live near this area, that’s fine, but if you’re willing to travel, I’m sure there are other places that have pretty good alternatives.